Dr Waheeda Majid

Dr Waheeda Banu Majid received her early education in Raffles Girls’ Primary, Raffles Girls’ Secondary, and Raffles Junior College.

She had received several academic book prizes during her terms.

In 1998- she gained entry into the Faculty of Medicine at the National University of Singapore- graduating in 2003.
She had also won the Mendaki Scholarship in 1998(awarded on merit) – as an adjunct for her field of study.

In 2012- she received her Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine, and was inducted into the Register of Family Physicians of Singapore.

In 2016- she commenced her very own medical practice.

Prior to starting her own medical practice– Dr Waheeda worked at several departments in the government sector- including Paediatrics, Neonatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT and Neurosurgery.
It was during her subsequent Polyclinic stint that she discovered her passion for Family Medicine- and decided to pursue this path as her career.

Upon entering the private sector- she was the anchor Dr for a clinic under Raffles Medical Group- along the Central Business District. Here- she managed the medical needs of corporate clients working for major financial institutions.

Subsequently- she moved to work with a privately-owned medical clinic in Little India (Shifa Clinic)- where she practised for 6 years.

Dr Waheeda is a strong advocate for a good work-life balance, healthy living, and exercise. Her passion is promoting healthy living habits to her patients – which in itself, is prevention for disease.